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Corresponding is an adjective that relates to fulfilling the conditions of a relationship. The Word can also designate which has a match with a person or institution so that what is adequate or appropriate. Examples: "to obtain a refund, you must submit the invoice with the corresponding seal',"I sell my guitar with his case for a super price"," you'll fetch me the box corresponding to these shoes? ''
The concept is therefore linked to the verb "correspond", which refers to what is in proportion compared to something or action to pay benefits or favours in a way equal.
If we speak of a violin and its corresponding case, referring to a musical instrument which is protected by a cover in particular. This means that the X violin W case and not A case or case S.
A musician who accepts to compose and perform the song of a program aimed at children for $ 5000 must recover this amount once he completes his work. Therefore, we can say that this musician will take $ 5000, or money for his work.
Another example of the use of this concept lies in the fact to return to a system by using a password. Access to the system in question, to enter a code that matches the configuration. It is therefore a key to the user. If the password entered is incorrect, the system can report: "password not corresponding.
Finally, the correspondent is someone with whom they corresponded, one with whom we exchange letters, for example.
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