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The action to apply or to claim something is a request. A request is therefore a care or concern.
The concept of credit, on the other hand, refers to a sum of money that is obtained in the form of loan. A bank that grants a loan of 5,000 euros a person is trying to pay this amount. That person should make money at the Bank and interest after awhile. Thus, to receive a credit of EUR 5,000, the individual must repay, for example, 6,000 euros (the amount received as a loan more interests).
The credit application is a procedure that involves applying for a loan with a financial institution. The application itself is composed of the parts requested by the Bank for the assessment of the credit: If the person meets the criteria of the entity, the loan is approved and authorized.
Although this varies from one bank to the other, the demand for credit usually includes a form to be completed by the applicant, proof of income (pay slip, for example) and a photocopy of his national identity card.
There are instead of remember that the submission of an application for credit does not require the Bank to grant the loan. This is precisely an application client of the banking entity performs in order to access credit. The Bank is therefore able to reject the request.
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