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The term criterion has its origins on the Greek word which means 'appreciate '. The criterion is the judgment or the judgment of a person. That said, the test is a sort of subjective condition which allows you to make a choice. It is what sustains a value judgment.
The same situation can be interpreted/perceived in different ways, depending on the test. If for example a mother gives his son a slap because it désobéie it, some people will be agreed while others condemn such an action. According to the criterion of the first group, the slap is a punishment which serves as a good lesson and helps to correct or improve behaviour and education of the child. On the other hand, those opposed will have a different test because they consider that the physical corrections are never positive.
A test is also a pre-requisite to be reaching an any objective or to satisfy a need. Textuality criteria define the rules to be followed to consider whether a set of sentences constitutes a text. These criteria are the acceptability, cohesion, coherence, the informativity, intentionality, Intertextuality, and the situationalite. Otherwise said, if several sentences or paragraphs are in the same context and conform to these criteria, the content can be considered a text. Otherwise, they are only single words or isolated sentences devoid of meaning as a unit.
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