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It is called cruelty any cruel and inhuman act that generates pain and suffering among the other. This term is derived from the latin crudelĭtas and is synonymous with wickedness, callousness and ferocity of the spirit.
Cruelty can be committed by people of any age and may harm any creature. A child, for example, can commit an act of cruelty at school, humiliating a classmate with offensive phrases of being foreign, while an adult can be cruel with her child by not making party for his birthday as punishment for fighting with his brothers.
Require a horse to load very heavy weights, litter the poison into the street to kill abandoned animals and abandon a dog in the middle of a road are also examples of cruelty, in this case, to animals.
This term which includes grotesque practices driven by man can also synthesize in one word the cruel attitudes causing suffering seniors, they who, because of the cruelty of others, are often exposed to physical violence and psychological because unfortunately there are people who do not hesitate to make them hurt knowing that they are powerless.
For Psychiatry, the cruelty is a psychological disorder that is to obtain pleasure through the suffering of others or being indifferent to pain and/or the grief of others. Cruelty is also associated with sadism, which is the excitement of infliction of pain to others.
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