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Curriculum vitae (or résumé in french, borrowed from the latin) is a concept that means "life career. It occurred to contrast and by analogy to the cursus honorum expression, which is employed to designate the professional career of Roman magistrates. In order to simplify the concept, the habit to use only the term curriculum. Moreover, its abbreviated form (abbreviation) is the most common, namely, C.V.
Nowadays, the word curriculum to refer to all of the experiences of a person, such as those concerning the world of work, its graduates (graduating), marital status as well as its way of life (what she has lived, etc.). The curriculum is an essential requirement for any candidate to a position or simply to look for work (a job).
Because each individual tends to adopt his own style when it comes to develop a curriculum, experts in the field recommend to observe some basic rules so that the potential employer has simplified access to the information, thus retaining his attention.
There are three major types of curriculum with regard to the manner in which the particulars are organized: the chronological (professional information is organized according to the most ancient to the most recent experience; not recommended candidates that change constantly job), the reversed (the most recent experience is highlighted, which is ideal for those who are looking for a new post with a link to the current) and functional (it organizes information by blocks thematic, which proves a useful option for those who are strong experience in many areas).
In addition to these personal styles, there are also standardized curricula that are imposed by the official institutions. At European level, for example, he has emphasized the Europass CV, while the Spanish Foundation for Science and technology (FECYT) defends rather draft Curriculum Vitae standard (DVC) for those (researchers) who wish to apply for a scholarship or a research contract.
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