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The action to satisfy or be satisfied is called satisfaction. The term can refer to the fact to satiate its appetite, compensate a requirement, pay what is due or even fill its needs.
Customer, on the other hand, is the person who makes a payment in order to have access to a product or a service. The customer can therefore be a user (who uses a service), a purchaser (the person who buys a product) or consumer (the person who consumes a product or a service).
The concept of the customer satisfaction level of compliance of the person when purchasing or using a service. According to logic, more the client is satisfied and more there is a chance that the customer buys or subscribes to services to the same vendor or institution.
It is possible to define the satisfaction of the client as being the State of mind or disposition of a person, resulting from the comparison between the perceived performance of the product or service compared to expectations.
This means that the purpose of maintaining the satisfied customer is essential for any business. Marketing specialists say that it is easier and cheaper to sell something to a regular customer rather than win a new customer.
The benefits of customer satisfaction are many: a satisfied customer is loyal to the company, returned to make purchases and tells his positive experiences (giving its opinion) to his entourage.
It is therefore important to monitor the expectations of the client with frequency so that the company is innovating its offer and provide what the buyer is looking.

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