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Designation, from latin designatĭo, it is the action and the effect of designate. This verb refers to destine someone or something for a purpose, identify, nominate or call. Examples: "the designation of the coach will be delayed by two or three days, as confirmed by the president of the club", 'I welcome the appointment of the new headquarters', «the Governor announced the appointment of Philippe Martin and Frédéric Cuvillier as Ministers of ecology, sustainable development and energy».
A designation may refer to a position or to a position taken by a person. When an authority means a subject to take responsibility, it gives him some skills in a given field. The designations can occur within the Government or in a company.
The designations may also be due to choose or elect something so that it acquires a certain category. Thus, we can speak of the designation of a city as European capital of Culture or the appointment of a former Church as a world heritage site.
In the same vein, the designation may be the appointment of a person to receive an award or access recognition: "Fédération Internationale de Volleyball announced the appointment of Liu Jahn Poh as best player of the season", "the appointment of Michael Fanstein as member of the Committee of honor of the institution has generated considerable controversy.
For Linguistics, the designation is a function whereby it refers to persons and objects.
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