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Psychology experts consider that human development occurs following the systematic change in psychological character which takes place throughout the existence of the individual. During this process, the person accesses States becoming increasingly complex. The branch of psychology that focuses on this development is developmental psychology.
In other words, the developmental psychology is responsible to explain the transformations experienced by people over time. Such changes can be explained using the factors which have faced in contrast: continuity/discontinuity, heritage/environment, etc.
In this context, the psychologist strives to bring the patient to better understand its evolution and the context in which it develops. Development must be seen as a continuous, comprehensive and flexible process.
Some experts argue that society and culture require and impose many implicit tasks in the development of the human being. Through the process of socialization, the performance of these activities eventually became an aspiration of the same person.
Of German origin North American psychologist Erik Erikson contemplates eight basic steps in the development of human beings: incorporatrice step, either the sensorial and oral phase which begins at the time of the birth and extends up to the age of one year, during which the child completely depends on its environment. the early childhood stage, between 1 year and 3 years. It is the anal muscle phase which is determined by the control of the sphincters and muscles; the period of latency or school, between six and ten years; the stage of adolescence, which stretches between twelve and twenty years, when identity is consolidated; the young adult stage, between twenty and forty years, or when the person is his own family; the adult period average or mature, forty to sixty years, where it facilitates the progress of younger generations. and the step late adult or old age, when integrity revolves around the acceptance of the natural finitude of human life.
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