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From the latin devotĭo, devotion is love, fervour and veneration associated with religion. The fact concept refers to the total dedication to a mystical experience. Examples: "the popular devotion to St. Anne knows no bounds: people camped at the door of the Church for a week", "In this town, there is a great devotion to the Virgin Mary".
Means devote anyone devoting themselves to a religion or a mission concerning God. A person who has faith and devoted to a saint is therefore a devote: 'my mother is pious of Robespierre, ' 'hundreds of devotees gathered to the Church to thank the Blessed Virgin.
In ancient Greece, the devotion was a form of piety directed at parents. Over time, by extension, this concept began to be used in a religious sense and mention any pious practice non-mandatory.
Currently, the concept of devotion is also used to denote fondness and special admiration. It comes, in this case, the attraction exerted by a person or an idea about someone: "Marta has a special devotion to Patrick Bruel: she even told me she was going to spend all its money on concert tickets", "the young actor generates devotion among adolescents, who are ready to do anything nothing to have with them.
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