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A discovery is when meeting or find something that was hidden, secret or unknown. This is a new finding of some aspects of reality. Examples: «the discovery of a large dinosaur in the basement of the Mall surprised neighbors», «is that now do realize you the situation? '' What a discovery... ","I still can not understand how the discovery of this substance was made.
The notion of discovery is common in the field of science. The successive efforts of researchers over time to make discoveries, although sometimes these are obtained by chance.
At times, it is not known to say with precision how discoveries occur. This is the case of cream which originally has different stories depending on the country.
There is a tendency to call discovery at the first touch of a people with a different culture, in one geographical area other than his own. The Europeans talk about the discovery of America to refer to the arrival of Christophe Colomb on the continent in 1492 although it is impossible to "discover" a new land which was already inhabited since thousands of years. In fact, the discovery of America was a novelty for the Europeans who had just arrived for the first time in this country, but this is nothing new for the Indians (Native Americans).
This proves that the concept of discovery can be quite subjective. A girl can tell another that she "discovered" a new store of clothes in the district, while her friend can answer him that she already knew (i.e., that it had "discovered" before).
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