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The discussion is the action and the effect of discuss (argue, talk with someone else while claiming various reasons, carefully examining an object). The term comes from the latin discussĭo.
Examples: 'candidates have taken a fierce discussion before the cameras about the budget', 'it is already four years since I work here and I've never had unpleasant discussions with my colleagues","I have no desire to continue this discussion","I'm tired of wasting time with this pointless discussion.
The notion can be associated with the idea of debate, given that discuss is to exchange views and ideas on a given topic. The discussion takes place generally (but not necessarily) when opinions are contrary to each other.
The discussion is not only verbal since those who argue often rely on other instruments (by gestures or otherwise). In a discussion already organized (like a debate or a discussion group), it is usual to use elements of support such as videos, graphics, diagrams, etc.
It is estimated that a person wins an argument when she manages to impose his reasoning. This can be achieved from the validity of the arguments or by force (raising his voice or using harsh terms) Although the eventual 'winner' discussion is pretty subjective.
In a broader sense, a discussion can be a debate or an analysis of the results of a study or a survey: "the discussion on the report of the company has taken more than three hours," ' your work deserves no discussion: I recommend you to do it again with more dedication. ''
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