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Latin discus, disk is a cylindrical body whose base is very large compared to the height. The term has multiple uses depending on the context. It may be a circular support that with a suitable device, emits the sounds and/or images previously saved. Examples: "I bought the new Justin Bieber drive', 'my grandfather a ten disc of the Beatles',"the dream of Jean has always been recorded an album with his own songs.
In this sense, the word disk can refer to the compact disc (also known as 'compact disc' in English or CD), video disk (DVD) or the vinyl record. They are different technologies: compact discs and video discs are in optical digital format while vinyl records are based on analog mechanical recording.
In computer science, this circular support to record information on concentric tracks. These recording media can be magnetic or optical reader.
Means disk being flat and circular clock can have tick marks concerning the date, day, etc.
In the field of sport, a disk is a round puck which launch from a circle is a sports competition. It is also the name of the competition of Athletics practised with the puck: "Russian athlete won the discus gold medal", "launching the disc, the young man is is wounded in the arm and he had to be assisted by doctors from the tournament.

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