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Doctrine, a term from the latin doctrīna, is the set of teachings based on a belief system. It's the principles that exist about a design, most of the time in universal character. For example: "Christian doctrine postulates the existence of a God who is father, son and holy spirit," "the ownership being contrary to socialist doctrine, it must be abolished in our society.
The concept of doctrine is also linked to the body of a dogma (formed by certain and undeniable statements) and legislative principles. Teaching the doctrines and dogmas is named indoctrination, a term generally used in the pejorative sense for the rehabilitation of persons in a context not permitting the diversity of opinions or the free search for knowledge. Totalitarian regimes and sects are responsible for doctriner the subjugated.
We must not confuse indoctrination (whose purpose is to impose at any price the doctrines) and education (to educate and teach the individual to be able to analyse knowledge and judge for yourself the credibility and veracity of the information).
Under the law, a legal doctrine is a concept that lawyers defend and who has influence on the conduct of the legal order, even if they do not directly practice law.
A military doctrine, finally, is the set of techniques, strategies, tactics and practices constitute an armed conflict. The military doctrine therefore propose the steps to follow to win a war.
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