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Latin documentum, a document is a map, a diploma or a text which reproduced a fact, an event, a situation or circumstance. It is also a play written with data/information that can be used to provide evidence. For example: "I have a document that proves the misappropriation of funds directed by the Governor", "this letter is not a document taking account of your innocence.
When asked us our papers (plural), it comes to documents concerning our identity. Identity card, passport or driver's licence are documents issued by the State certifying the identity of every citizen. Everyone must have an identity document not only to demonstrate its identity but also to have access to the services of the State: "Miss, I need identification to complete the contract of insurance. Do you have your documents on you? ', 'I would like to know to whom I should speak. Someone has stolen my wallet as well as all my documents.
The concept of document has evolved following the progress of information technology. Previously, a document was a paper or any other type of physical media. On the other hand, for computing, a document is one archive digital may be viewed or shared via a computer. In this sense, a computer document can be a text, a picture, a sound, an animation or a video: "Yesterday I had to format the hard disk and I lost all my documents," "I need that you send me by email the document that we developed this morning in high school", "I just eliminate the paper, you want that I try to recover? ''
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