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Among the many meanings of the word centre is that which refers to the place where people gather or congregate for a particular purpose. A centre, in this sense, is a physical space (a building) which allows the meeting and offering services or benefits.
Education, on the other, concerning membership or binding to education (socialization of individuals). A person with access to education, receives, assimilates and learned knowledge and to acquire, in addition, cultural and behavioral sensitization by previous generations.
An educational centre is therefore an educational institution. There are different types and with different characteristics, namely: Professional, and educational centres educational centres closed, etc.
Examples: "my father is working in an educational centre as a German teacher", "Marta wants to attend an educational centre to learn computing", "education centre teachers will go on strike for an indefinite period to demand better wages", "I learned to draw in an educational centre in the village where I lived when I was a kid.
The school as an educational centre offers any type of statement. The concept allows to mention as well (given or acquired) teaching that all teachers and students or the method or the doctrine of each teacher.
It has general educational centres and others directed to specific population groups (minors subject to a measure of judicial review, etc.). Educational centers can also be distinguished according to the type of education they offer, with different levels of generality.
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