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A rate is a coefficient expressing the relationship between two quantities. Employment, on the other hand, is an occupation, profession or an office paid.
Means the reason between the employed population and the economically active population employment rate (which is in conditions to be part of the labour market). The most common index, however, is the unemployment rate (the amount of unemployed persons to the economically active population).
In other words, the employment rate to indicate the percentage of workers actually employed. For example: If the employment of a country rate is 84%, this means that out of 100 people-economically active, there are 84 who have a job. The other 16 people, on the other hand, or they have no occupation, or they are off work. the rate of unemployment in the country is 16%.
These statistics are never accurate. A subject can be a part of the economically active population and do not have work because that he did research not or just because it doesn't interest him to work. This individual will be considered an unemployed although there may be sufficient labour supply so that it is part of the market.
Furthermore, the employment rate may be associated with the concept of full employment, an economic concept that assumes that all people be productive age wishing to work has a job. However, labour demand is equal to the offer, which occurs on a 100% employment rate and an unemployment rate of 0.
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