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Although very rare and rather literary, enamourement refers to the action and the effect of falling/become or make love. Although it is difficult to define concepts, the verb enamor is, according to the language French computerized treasure, raise on someone the flame and the passion of love, fall / ignite love for someone and be loving.
The enamourement is an emotional state that corresponds to the happiness and satisfaction to have met a person who is able to understand and share his life with us. For Biochemistry, it is a process that starts at the level of the cerebral cortex and then returned to the endocrine system to then turn into a physiological responses.
This process contains the action of several elements. By making the knowledge of someone who he feels the attraction, humans feel a whole range of chemical and psychological changes. When the person makes trigger mechanisms of seduction, it combines its animal instinct (unconscious) to capacity own strategist of our species.
On the other hand, love (especially at the beginning) supplies mainly chemistry. Phenylethylamine causes the secretion of dopamine or norepinephrine, which generates a natural euphoria effect when the person is with his lover/lover.
Concerning genetics, humans and animals have the instinct of procreation in common. However, the homos sapiens may have intercourse to test their love or to satisfy their sexual impulses, that is, not necessarily to procreate.
It is necessary to distinguish between the enamourement (attraction and passion) of love (a feeling where the person needs the other and be with it). True love is based on reality, goes beyond the concept of man or woman ideal (e), and has a stable and long-term projection.
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