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The danger is the risk of something bad happening. It is a latent situation, with a potential risk for the body, the environment or property. The danger can result in a physical threat or abstract circumstance.
Extinction, on the other hand, is the disappearance of all members of a particular species. In other words, a species is endangered when the last individual dies and the fact of not being able to reproduce and give birth to a new generation, it disappears.
The danger (or channel) endangered (or extinction) refers to the probability that an animal or plant species disappear: higher risk and higher the probability of extinction is important. The existence of an endangered species is therefore compromised.
The causes that can lead to a species endangered are varied. The disappearance of a resource that depends on the species, direct damage, habitat destruction and climate change are possible reasons for extinction.
More than 2,400 animals taxa are currently endangered and other 1,665 are critically endangered. Authorities are trying to protect these species to ensure their conservation through various legal measures such as the ban on hunting. Several conservative groups also work to protect these species.
The mountain gorilla, the Red Wolf, the Iberian lynx, the leopard of Arabia, the black rhino, the Ariane de Lucy, the dwarf Chameleon and Siberian sturgeon are some animals endangered.
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