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The species are for Zoology and botany, the groups that the genre can be divided. By integrating a same species, individuals share the same generic characters and other factors that make they resemble each other and that they differ from the members that belong to other species.
The "endemic" adjective, on the other hand, expressed what is linked or what belongs to the endemic. This concept is often used to refer to a disease which prevails in a region or at a given time.
An endemic species is that which is distributed in a rather small geographic area and that does not naturally found in other parts of the world. Endemism, on the other hand, refers to a species that we can find naturally in one place.
Endemism may vary at different scales. It is possible to speak of an endemic species of a mountain, a Lake, an island, a country or a continent, demonstrating the extent of the concept. Although it is generally species, endemism can also apply to subspecies, genera, families or other taxa.
The Iberian lynx is an example of endemic species, in this case of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a carnivorous mammal of the family felidae, which is endangered because its population is estimated at less than four hundred individuals.
Most endemic species found on the Islands, given that geographic isolation contributes to the preservation of endemism. Australia, therefore, presents many endemic, both species of flora and fauna.
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