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The Greeks employed the erōs Word to refer to the passion applied to love and the desire for sensual nature. This feeling was also represented by the God Eros. In french, the term Erotica means and represents what is linked to sexuality, also in what concerns the single sexual act within a carnal relationship that its projections.
Often, the approach of eroticism takes place jointly with libido, because it's about what comes from the libidique region and which is practically inseparable from sex and love. However, there is some opposition between erotic love from romantic love, to the extent that it has become the leading association of love in general (it has an altruistic nature, and that it seems, exalts sensuality).
One might therefore conclude that, nowadays, when we speak of eroticism, identified it sexual and sensual desire while love has to do with feelings, with the depth of the soul and which goes beyond the mere appearance.
However, although separate concepts, it is true after all they are complementary in many occasions. In addition, in any couple sharing links love, eroticism stands as sentimental love leaves place to carnal desire and physical passion.
Strange that it could appear, eroticism has always been its place in religion and belief systems. In Catholicism, the mystical texts of John of the cross include rhetoric brimming with eroticism attributed to the deity. In other religions, on the other hand, there was a custom that could well be defined as a sort of prostitution of a sacred nature which spread to ancient Greece. Without forgetting, of course, the famous book of the Kama Sutra, which is a sublimation of sexuality belonging to Hinduism.
In this sense, it is impossible to ignore the fact when we speak of eroticism, it refers to what is the exaltation of physical love in the arts, be it literature, film, theatre, painting or sculpture. As such, to mention some examples of eroticism that exist in these areas, we will retain the film Basic Instinct (1992) or 9 weeks ½ (1986), arrays such as the naked Maja of Goya or the Turkish bath of Ingres, or sculptures like the kiss or toilet of Venus, both belonging to Rodin.
It is appropriate to note that the erotic motivations of an individual or sexual interest that an object can generate in someone's home are usually qualified with the sexy adjective, a Word English. Eroticism can also be confused with fetishism, or the deviation of sexual on some objects impulses or specific parts of the body.
With regard to eroticism in literature, the Marquis de Sade is one of its precursors, who was convicted of having developed publicly acts of debauchery and due to complement his sexual interests with violent reactions.
All this without forgetting many others books with an emphasis on eroticism have been published. We will retain a few masterpieces: Lolita (1955) by Vladimir Nabokov and lives of Loulou (1989) of Almudena Grandes.
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