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Excel is a computer program developed and distributed by Microsoft Corp. It is a software that allows to perform accounting and financial tasks through its applications to create and work with spreadsheets.
The first foray of Microsoft aves worksheets (allowing to manipulate digital data in tables formed by the union of lines and columns) took place in 1982, with the presentation of Multiplan. It was three years later that the first version of Excel arrived on the market.
Following the legal proceedings of a company that marketed at the time already a program under the name of Excel, Microsoft was forced to change the name of his (Microsoft Excel) and to communicate this change in official releases and legal documents.
In 1989, Microsoft introduced its first version of Office suite office (useful software for their features, which allow to automate common tasks in an office) which therefore includes Excel, Word (devoted to word processing software) and PowerPoint (software devoted to the creation and presentation of slides or boards).
Over time, Microsoft Excel has been criticized for its problems in operations carried out on the worksheets. One of the most important is the functionality of the date: this program is unable to operate under prior to the year 1900 dates.
It is appropriate to point out that Excel is a commercial program: it is necessary to pay a licence fee to be able to install it. However, there are other options of open code that can be installed or launched free to manipulate spreadsheets, such as OpenOffice.org Calc and Google Docs. Most of these systems are compatible with documents created in Excel (an Excel document can be executed in these programs).
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