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The word exercise derives from the latin exercitĭum. It's the action of exercise, to practise, to be active, of to result in or be physically spend. These verbs are due to practice an art, a craft, or function, but they can also designate the fact put into practice or perform an action.
However, exercise can be the whole of body movements made to improve his physical condition: "since I do exercise every morning, I already lost seven kilos. It is therefore the most common sense of the word: If someone just says "I'm going to exercise", means here that this person will make such physical activity by walking, jogging, or abdominal, for example.
Furthermore, the exercises have to do with any activity implementation for acquiring, potentiate or retain an intellectual ability: "he'll have me to do more exercises until it understands just what the teacher said in class.
In this sense, an exercise is a practical work which allows to develop and verify what is taught in theory: "I want you to do a writing exercise in which you apply this we learned about the elision», «I have not managed to solve math exercises I have tomorrow".
In the military context, means exercises movements by which soldiers develop their physical strength and to train. Still in the same context, the exercise period is a short stay during which the men of the availability and the reserve maintain and update their military knowledge.
Finally, we will retain that a year is a period of time between two accounting inventories or two budgets during which a business or organization divides / separates its economic activities: "we closed the fiscal year last with large losses.
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