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The facilitator is a person who plays the role of Pathfinder or instructor in an activity. In some countries, the term is used as a synonym of Professor or master.
The concept can also designate speakers in seminars or similar events. It is specialists and professionals who have mastered perfectly the theme approached, and who seek to develop the potential of assistants or auditors.
About teamwork, the facilitator is one that directs the flow of the discussion and who is responsible to promote respectful dialogue. Thus, its role is to remove the obstacles and constraints, to summarize the different points of view and to foment the positive and entrepreneurial spirit.
It is noted that the facilitator is neither the leader nor the head of the group, but rather the head insofar as it directs the process so that all participants focus and concentrate on the objectives. It is important that the facilitator remains neutral during the discussions.
Moreover, as moderator of the meeting, the facilitator ensures that it fully meets the needs of participants, helps develop confidence between partners and help that they become aware of the events. It is the guarantor of the active attitudes and reciprocity. It was he, with his help and its intermediary role, which makes it more accessible. 
In structures, it is the interface between public purchasers and companies. It aims to assist in defining the provisions to be adapted to each market, to identify those involved, and bring together all partners to accompany the implementation of the commitments of companies and individuals on behalf of the buyer.
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