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The word faith derives from the term latin fides and to designate all of the beliefs of someone or a group. This Word also refers to the trust or the good impression that there's someone (for example: "I have faith that we will achieve victory").
The word faith, moreover, concerns the words "certified", or any document duly certified and signed attesting to the truth of what is written ("only contract made faith"), in other words, the contract in question is the only one (document) to make law.
Among the factors involved in faith, we shall stress the reason, morality and emotions. Force rational appears when the faith was born from a premise by evidence of past associations. The moral strength, on the other hand, is involved in the faith that appears due to the fear of being punished or the desire to get a promised reward. Finally, the emotional force relates to the faith that is at the origin of a vow and that leads to self-esteem and the dignity of a person.
In general, faith is the basis of religions where believers submit their confidence on any set of assumptions that are given to them.
The concept of faith can be used in pairs of words: the good faith means the correctness, good repute and honest behavior; bad faith, on the other hand, has to do with malice and falsity. Then, for religion, the profession of faith is the name given to the renewal of the promises of baptism that Catholic children are around the age of 12. Somehow, it corresponds to the second communion.
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