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The word fear comes from the term latin pavor. It is a feeling of anxiety in the presence of a hazard or a real or imagined threat. Similarly, the concept refers to the fear or apprehension that we feel every time that it is convinced that it will happen to us the opposite of what we want.
Fear is an emotion characterized by an intense usually unpleasant feeling caused by the perception of danger, present or future, actual or assumed. Fear is one of the primary emotions arising from the natural aversion to the threat, this both animals and human beings human.
From the perspective of biology, fear is an Adaptive scheme and is a survival and defence mechanism that allows the individual to respond quickly and effectively in adverse situations.
For Neurology, fear is a common form of organization of the primitive brain of humans alive, with the activation of the amygdala which is located in the temporal lobe.
From the point of view of psychology, fear is an affective and emotional state necessary to allow the body to adapt to the environment.
With regard to the social and cultural aspect, fear is part of the character of a person or a social organization; that said, it is possible to learn to not be afraid.
Fear appears in the field of art as a form of entertainment. That is why it constitutes by itself a narrative genre (such as stories or horror novels) and a film genre (horror films).
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