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Flattery is the action and the effect of flatter (show affection or recognition that one has for someone, feel satisfaction, adulation, make compliments or praise).
Examples: «the Professor made me several compliments on my practical work on feline animals digestion», «Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be flattered for her beautiful performance in the last game,» "do not forward to you: what I tell you is not a flattery, it is the objective reality.
A flattery is an expression which shows that one who said intends to congratulate the person to whom it is addressed. If someone says "I congratulate you on your new car", this sentence is a compliment (a flattery).
Sometimes flattery is understandable from the expression without so far expressing its intention to flatter. When a commentator said "Gomez made an excellent match as well in the recovery of the ball than in the creation of offensive situations", he made an assessment of the performance of the player in question which, by its tone, is also a compliment.
In this context, a flattery can also be a compliment, a cajolerie or a whipping: "I'm fascinated by your blue eyes", "I've never seen a pretty girl like you."
Flatter, finally, can sometimes be an adulation exaggerated, carried out by a ground interested to get a favor or something else in Exchange: "I congratulate you, Sir, I admire the way this situation has been resolved" (a comment that an employee can do to his superior in order to get his attention).

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