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Fleet, which is of French origin, refers to all ships with a common destiny. It can be one of the total of vessels in a shipping company of a shipping line, etc.
Examples: "Caribbean Sun & Sea has a fleet of five cruise ships plying the oceans throughout the year", 'Iglo is the largest fishing company in the country with a fleet of over a hundred boats', 'the national fleet should be renewed emergency '.
The concept of fishing fleet concerns all ships destined for fishing. Even if vessels can be of various types, they all aim the extraction of marine resources (fish, crustaceans, molluscs, etc): "the Government announced a millionaire investment to improve the working conditions of the fishing fleet", "the province is proud to have the most modern fleet of South America.
The fleet of war, on the other hand, is the formation of warships which constitute the largest army combat units: «the Asian country announced that its battle fleet is ready to respond to any kind of enemy attack», «war fleet the Libya remained seriously damaged after the first day's fighting.
Finally, the fleet is a company's fleet, that is, all its vehicles: "our taxi company has a fleet of 30 vehicles equipped with air conditioning, heating and a digital audio system", «Air France plans to acquire three aircraft to expand its fleet and cover new destinations», «Bouygues has a fleet of ten vehicles at the disposal of its managers.
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