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The word fortress has several uses. It is, for example, a synonym of strength or tenacity: "I greatly admire Hélène. His heart is a veritable fortress,""for Xavier, his children are his fortress. It protect them by all possible means. "
On the other hand, a fortress is a fortified duly prepared to resist invasions or attacks. A castle and a Citadel are fortresses. Means bastion or rampart shelter (or backup) that projects outward from the main body of the fortress. The bastion has a pentagonal shape and is the major point of defence.
A further concept is that of fortification, which is a military building built to function as defence during a war. The largest fortifications are fortresses, while those with medium size bear the name of Castle and smaller forts.
For Christian doctrine, force (which is, as noted above, synonym of the word Fortress) is a cardinal virtue which is to overcome the fear and flee the fear. In other words, it is strength against difficulties and a constancy in the quest for good and justice.
Then, it is necessary to emphasize that Fortaleza (which, in Portuguese, means Fortress) is the capital of Ceará, a State located in the northeast of the Brazil. It is a tourist center which beaches are world-famous, which welcome thousands of tourists each year.
This city is 21 metres above the sea level and hosts more than three million inhabitants. Its surface is 319.1 km² and it is part of the main ten cities of the Brazil.
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