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The concept of function derives from the word latin functĭo. This word is part of many executives and can adopt several meanings.
For example, a function is the role played by an artist or an actor within an artistic work (a play, a soap opera or a movie). Its function is to represent and to get into the skin of a character, on stage or behind the cameras.
In addition to show business, the function is an office provided by someone. It is the set of activities that the person shall exercise and perform properly within his profession.
Furthermore, a mathematical function is the correspondence and relationship (f) of the elements of a set A with the elements of a set B. A function must meet the condition of existence (insofar as it must, to any element of A match more than an element B) and the uniqueness condition (each item has only matches a single element of B).
In computer science, especially that concerning programming languages, a function is a type of sous-algorithme that describes a sequence of instructions. These instructions must perform a specific task for an application (a program, for example) more.
Semiotics, a function is the set of elements and relationships between them required to define a structure.
Finally, in biology, a function is the set of active properties of an organ (liver or kidneys, for example) within the living being (human, animal or plant). Regarding human organs, we will retain their main functions, namely: physiological, supply, consumption and disposal.
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