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Means habeas data legal action that a person has to access a register or a data base containing information on itself. The individual has the right to require that the data be corrected if they are erroneous or if they are affecting.
Habeas data was regulated by the legislation of many countries, and is also seen in laws for the protection of personal data. The France, the Canada and Luxembourg, among other nations, have control bodies that oversee the management of personal data carried out by private companies and public institutions.
That said, habeas data represents a guarantee for the proper management of personal information that is under the rule of thirds, which allows to avoid abuse and tackle unintentional errors in the administration and publication of the data.
This legal resource is very important with respect to financial information. Habeas data gives us the right to know our own credit history and to know to which this information has been transmitted. It is also possible to require, once completed expiry period, that all our bad credit history be deleted/removed, for example.
Many celebrities (models and actresses, for example) have already appealed to the habeas by requiring that their names be removed from Internet search engines because these data were related to content of a pornographic nature.
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