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Happiness is a State of mind that gives a satisfaction. Who is happy/happy feeling of pleasure, a sense of joy and satisfaction. However, the concept of happiness is rather subjective and relative. There is no index of happiness or any category to feel happy.
From the biological point of view, happiness is the result of fluid neural activity, where internal and external factors stimulate the limbic system.
The human being feels a sensation of happiness when it fills its objectives and whenever he managed to overcome the many challenges of daily life. On the other hand, if he fails, he feels a sense of frustration that leads to the loss of happiness.
Usually, people who feel open and who feel a sense of fullness are more serene and stable insofar as they arrive to find the balance between the emotional and rational loads.
Some people are or consider that happiness has to do with material goods and money. It is for this reason that there are expressions such as "money is not happiness, but it helps a lot." Indeed, money is the necessary tool to meet the material needs of humans; Once satisfied, the person tends to look for products that can provide happiness advantage.
On the other hand, religions and people who are interested in the spiritual side associate happiness with a State of mind where the person feels at peace. It is possible to achieve this state using personal relationships or links with those that hold us dear, for example.
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