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The head is the upper body of the human being, and higher or lower for many animals. In the head are located several of the most important organs of the senses and nervous centres.
Examples: «police found the torso of a woman inside the House, and a few hundred metres, his head was found, "the player was hospitalized after suffering a violent blow to the head", "If you do not want to have cold, I recommend you cover the head with a hood.
The head contains the brain, mouth and various sensory organs related to vision, smell, hearing, and taste. In vertebrates and arthropods, the head is clearly differentiated from the rest of the body, which assumes a high degree of cephalisation.
In the case of man, the lower front part of the head is the face. This is where the eyes, nose and mouth. The top end is the front while the lower part is the Chin.
As it houses the brain, the concept of head is also used as a synonym for ability, judgment or talent: "We need to hire a man with a good head for running this business", "I won't tolerate another error: use your head before get you to work", "Robert has lost his mind and insulted his boss."
The beginning or the end of something ("a car crashed against the bridge head'), the southernmost part opposite to a point ("you have to hammer the nail head to secure the shelf") and the origin of something that sinks or is happening (" at the head of the demonstration was Jorge Ratzunbert ") are other uses of the term"head ".
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