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Latin hospitālis, a hospital is the establishment for the diagnosis and treatment of the sick, where you practice as research and education. As affixing the term hospital ship is used to designate the building (a duly equipped ship) used to treat and transport the sick and injured.
The concept of hospital derives from the word hospes ('host' or 'visiting'), after drifting in hospitalitas ('hospitality'). Over time, the term became known for the fact to host and host someone at home (or even to grant asylum) graciously by charity or friendship.
A hospital was once a place where one was charity to the poor, sick, orphaned, elderly people and pilgrims, welcomed and benevolently treated by monks and sisters (of the nuns).
The structure of hospitals is designed to meet the requirement concerning the functions of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, many modern hospitals follow a modality known as progressive care, where there is no rooms divided by medical specialties, but rather a unit where the patient is Treaty/neat gradually depending on the seriousness and complexity.
In a hospital, there is the system of assistance (direct assistance to the person by the medical team professionals: doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.), the administrative and accounting system (for the admission of patients, the Organization of night teams, care as well as audits, among other tasks), System Management (which organizes or directs the overall functioning of the hospital), etc.
It is worth mentioning that hospitals can be classified as General, psychiatric, geriatric and those with maternal and child protection and service of cihrsupported (maternity), among other specialties.
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