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Important said of what is important or what is important. The importance, in turn, is defined as the quality of what is important (which interest or which is major, which has a high value or has the obvious because of its qualities).
Examples: "Sebastian has become an important within the structure of the team player", "I regret to say that we have a significant problem with a client", "you are sure this is what you want to do? '' This is a very important step","Fasten safety belt is important when driving".
What is important, in general, arises a comparison with other things with similar characteristics. If a person has a monthly income of $ 500 and must spend 200, it surely will say that it is a significant expense because this expense has a major impact on its budget. On the other hand, if she would earn a salary of $ 3,000, as important as that expenditure would not be found.
That said, what is important is rather relative and, in many cases, subjective. A rock band selling 5000 discs may consider that this realization is important (if it comes to the first album, for example) or so insignificant (if it is a very popular group and it is a new album).
Important judicata may also cease to be over time. A few decades ago, a man deciding to let his hair grow to long knew that it was an important act of rebellion. Today, this decision has no symbolism and unnoticed past from the social point of view, this leads to say that it has lost its importance.
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