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After the Larousse dictionary online, the industrial term relates to the industry. This term can also describe any person owner of an industry or who lives the exercise of industrial activities.
Means industry (from latin industrĭa) all operations are led to obtain, transform or carry natural products. Industrial enterprises are responsible for transforming the material first in a kind of product that we know under the factory designation.
On the other hand, the industrial design (or technical drawing) is a discipline that is dedicated to the creation and development of these industrial products, which are likely to be manufactured on a large scale and in series.
The industrial revolution is the historical period which took place between the second half of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, during which major technological, economic, social and cultural transformations took place. From the industrial revolution, industry and manufacturing have replaced manual labour, to the extent where many production processes that were formerly made by humans are mechanized.
Industrial safety is the multidisciplinary field which aims to minimize risks in the industry, especially those that have to do with accidents that can have a significant environmental impact and affect entire regions. On the other hand, industrial security protects workers, with appropriate clothing and medical inspections.
Finally, we will retain the industrial psychology is the branch of psychology that studies human behavior in the context of industry and labour.
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