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From latin ineffabĭlis ("unspeakable / indescribable '), ineffable means which cannot be explained by words. The ineffable, therefore, cannot be said or expressed. Examples: "an ineffable fear has seized his being when he realized he had no exit", "upon entering the room, he found an ineffable situation", "it's an unspeakable event for our country which will be remembered for decades.
Nowadays, the concept is used in a rather generic and indeterminate sense. Ineffable is usually an adjective applied to people or situations that are difficult to categorize, explain or justify.
The phrase "ineffable counsel is again at the centre of a controversy after accusing the reporter of being in the mafia" contains a consideration which in principle does not seem to fit the profile in question. It is possible to refer to prestigious, well-known or experienced lawyers, but to evoke an ineffable lawyer, it is not known exactly what they are talking about.
"The ineffable charm of violence on television", on the other hand, is another expression that uses this adjective in somewhat abstract terms. In this case, the term is related to the difficulty of explaining why the violence in television attracts viewers. Violence, logically, is deplorable and condemned at the social level. However, for some unclear reason, moment violence appears on TV, it seems to seduce and becomes even an entertainment. The ineffable Word is related to the difficulty to explain such a situation.
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