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Input is, Informatics, information that is received by a system to be subsequently processed. The concept is always linked to the output, which corresponds to the presentation of data processed in advance in order to make them available to the user.
Input devices are devices and components which from insert / to introduce information in the processing unit. The keyboard, mouse, scanner, webcam, the optical pen and microphone are input devices: they allow to send data using the keys, the movement of the device and clicking on the buttons, for example. On the other hand, monitors and printers are considered output devices: the first issue information through the screen while the second offer printing paper.
Other devices, such as network adapters and modems, are considered input and output devices insofar as they receive information and distribute it to other units of treatment. A more precise definition shows that all devices are both input output (the keyboard, the mouse, the mouse and the scanner send and also receive signals from and to different parts of the computer).
Touchscreens are hybrid devices because it is possible to enter information by touching their surface but the device also allows to get data.
Finally, the mentioned input devices can be considered devices since they are independent and auxiliary devices that connect to the computer CPU (processor), and help to handle and manage information.

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