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Insurgent is an adjective that means the person who is revolted or terminated for cause. The term is often used as a synonym for rebel to refer to someone who is against the authority. Examples: "insurgents seized a village in the middle of the jungle to demand the nationalization of the land',"a group of insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack of the branch of the Bank","Subcomandante Marcos is the most famous insurgent of recent decades".
The insurgent can oppose the agenda drawn up in different ways. The way the more subtle or the lighter may be civil disobedience (do not pay taxes, not to vote even if it is required, etc.) while the most radical way can understand the taking of weapons and try to destroy the Government or force social organization.
We can say that the insurgent is anyone involved in rebellions. In general, the insurgency is a crime because, to oppose the authority makes the insurgent also opposes the law. However, it is important to note that there is a rebellion or a right of resistance, recognized as a power which the people have towards the illegitimate Governments.
When a country invaded a foreign territory, the local population often turns to the insurgency. The possible justifications of invasion and resistance are questionable. Where appropriate, some consider that foreign invasion can be justified to overthrow a tyrannical Government. Therefore, the insurgency eventually be associated with the defence of the illegitimate authority. In other cases, the insurgency appears as just rebellion of the invaded people.
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