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A request is a care or concern. The term refers to the verb 'request' (want or be looking for something). Employment, in turn, is a term which admits of many meanings, but in this case, what is important, is that concerning the profession, work or position.
The concept of job application is therefore linked to the letter of contact that someone sends to an undertaking intending to drop his candidacy to seize an opportunity of employment. This means that the individual contacts the company because he would like to be able to work there.
Examples: "this morning, I did four applications: I hope to have the chance", "society has announced that it would accept applications for employment until the end of the month," "just call me Studio, my job application was approved.
Job application can be spontaneous (when the worker wrote to the company and attached his CV to be taken into account if there are vacant positions) or managed by the company (by developing a standard to be met by the parties involved application form).
The central aspect of a job application is the explanation of the interest of the person (what is the reason for his contact) and the details of his experience, his knowledge and skills. It is generally recommended to use a formal tone which expressed precisely and unambiguously want the candidate with his request (to be hired for a particular job, internship, indicate its availability to work part-time or full-time, etc.).