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A joke is a funny saying or a fun situation. It can be a spontaneous expression or a story that makes laugh. The joke (or joke) can be oral, written or graphic. Examples: 'my grandfather told me a very funny joke', «They laugh always me because I do not understand the jokes», «Vincent loves salacious jokes.
The intent of the joke is to laugh the receiver (be it listener or Viewer). Its main objective is no humour although some jokes to political and social connotation hide criticism.
The jokes can be classified, subjectively, in good or bad. Good jokes are those that respond to their objective and which make laugh the receiver. Bad jokes, however, fail in their final result.
Sometimes, the jokes are an attack or engaged in discrimination. Some French jokes feed a stereotype that makes a mockery of the Belgians although the comic element has little to do with reality.
Often used the concept of joke as a synonym of joke or gag. However, the jokes are the comic situations created from a real person or situation, while gags are part of the Visual (and non-verbal) humor.
The degree of difficulty of something may also be included in the concept of joke (synonym of joke). A joke, in this sense, is something very easy: "the resolution of this problem is a joke", "ultimately, painting the House is not at all a joke.