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From the low latin diurnalis (daily), the word newspaper means everything that takes place in everyday life. The adjective is daily. For example: "daily physical activity is recommended for health", "it's bad to eat hamburgers in a daily manner.
On the other hand, a newspaper is a daily publication in the press, which contains news and which has the purpose to inform, train and entertain.
Logs include columns, reports, opinion pieces, stock information, weather, cultural programming (shows, etc.), moments of humor and several hobby (words Crusaders, riddles, etc.). In general, there are certain days of the week where newspapers include special supplements on specific themes.
Newspapers are financed through the price per copy that readers pay, subscriptions (some people prefer to receive the journal at home on a regular basis, without having to move) and advertising. The free press, which does not cost for the reader, only survives through advertising.
It is worth mentioning that there are newspapers that consider themselves independent, but many admit defend various ideological or economic currents. Even, there are newspapers that are the organ of diffusion of political parties or the voice of a Government.
Other hand, a personal journal (aka diary) is a subgenus of the autobiography. In this type of journal, the author wrote his thoughts or activities to read and/or re-read later in any privacy. The diary is also an instrument that is used to express feelings as a catharsis.
Some diaries have become the autobiographical books of selloff recounting facts/testimony of privacy, such as 'Diary of Anne Frank'.
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