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The term junk food is a compound of the word 'evil' and the 'buffo' slang term (which means food). It seeks to be a place in the French language as the equivalent of the 'junk food' American. The food is all food substances that we ingest to survive. It is through these voluntary and conscious acts known as the designation of power that food is consumed by the people, giving rise to the biological processes of nutrition (whereby agencies equate food).
The diet includes the selection, preparation and ingestion of food, implying a phenomenon in relation to the socio-cultural and economic environment. In this context, we can talk about junk food, that is, foods containing high levels of fat, salt or sugar.
Because of its ingredients, this power supply stimulates appetite and thirst, which is a great deal for companies that offer this kind of food. However, junk food may be harmful if consumed in large quantities, causing the health problems such as obesity.
Junk food is also associated with fast food (easy to develop) and leisure (its consumption is a kind of social prestige among adolescents). Be sold at affordable prices is a capital gain.
Most popular junk food is hamburger (beef with high content of fat), which is usually accompanied by some other little healthy foods such as French fries and large aerated drinks. McDonald's and Burger King are two of the most famous world chains, specializing in fast food, bringing a wide variety of menus with the hamburger for main item.
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