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The term kernel allows multiple uses and meaning. We can say that it is the essential element in addition to others to form a whole. Means also nucleus, figuratively, central point, or the heart of something, be it material or immaterial. For example: "the core of the case is the customer satisfaction.
In addition, the core is the tender part or the kernel of drupes (fleshy fruits), such as fishing, cherry or plum. In another sense, a nucleus is a small cohesive group of people with common interests and which forms the essential element of a larger group ("the nucleus of the association remains the same since birth") or a small group acting in a hostile environment ("avenue was invaded by a core of opponents').
In biology, the nucleus is the part of eukaryotic cells, containing most of the genetic material. It is organized into chromosomes and is accompanied by protein.
In physics, the atomic nucleus is the central part of an atom. It is formed by protons and neutrons, which maintain a strong nuclear interaction. The atomic nucleus has a positive charge and focused about 99.99% of the total mass of the atom.
The nucleus of the phrase, in addition, is a linguistic concept. It's the central element or the main component of a phrase. It is he who sends its category and its function to the phrase of which it is the support.
Finally, in the field of computer science, the kernel (also called kernel) is the main part of the operating system. This is the kernel which "Decides", so to speak, what software can make use of the hardware and for how long.
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