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The concept of label contains number of uses and meaning. It was simply a mark, a sign or a plug placed on an object for classification or to identify it.
Initially, the labels were used for commercial purposes to describe the contents of the packages, containers and packages more easily. Over time, beyond their basic identification function, the labels began to be used as decorative objects to highlight the image of the product becoming more attractive to the consumer.
Labels, our days, include a barcode containing encrypted information for the automatic management of stocks and points of sale. The label also allows to participate in promotions and contests.
Food labels, for example, include information on their ingredients, their intakes, the manufacturing date and the expiration date. Labels of the clothing, in turn, include information about the size and composition article as well as maintenance tips: washing, drying and ironing.
In a quite different context, the concept of label is used to refer to the ceremonial forms in relations, customs and styles to be observed in certain circumstances. The label is all set of rules and acts of politeness and courtesy in society, in official functions for example, obeying a protocol.
Wear a tailor elegant and discreet (in the case of women), a tie (men) on solemn occasions, be welcoming and gracious with his guests, chew with your mouth closed (in table), do not be rude at a social event, please respect these times with punctuality and thank for gifts received are some of the examples that are part of the label.
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