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A narrative is a knowledge that is transmitted, usually in detail, about a given topic. This concept can also refer to the tales and narratives that are not too extensive.
As such, as a literary genre, a narrative is a narrative form which the extension is less than that of the new. However, the author of a story must synthesize what is most important and highlight situations that are essential for its development. In the novel, the writer can deepen and invest in descriptions while the story wants to have a greater impact with the least words.
Stories can be based on imagined/invented facts (it is the case of the tale or epic) or the actual facts (such as the journalistic information). Of course, write (telling) a work of fiction is very differ to a true fact. However, the narrative style stands in both cases (Textuality narrative versus oral narrative).
We will mention that the tale lies beyond literature and written words. When a person tells something to another, it is trying to relate a situation, that is, it is trying to build a story.
"I came out of my home and, at the time where I was going to get on the bandwagon, I hear a scream. I returned just to see what was happening, I then see a man running with a handbag and a woman screaming after him. Without further ADO, I block the passage of the thief and he eventually falls. Bad luck for him, the police arrived immediately and was handcuffed. To thank me, the Lady gave me chocolates"can serve as an example for the oral narrative, where someone tells an experience to someone.
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