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A text is a coherent set of statements forming a unity of meaning, and which has a communicative intention (the purpose is to convey a message). The literary adjective, in turn, is associated with literature, either all of the expertise to read and write properly.
The literary text is that which employs the literary language, a type of language which obeys aesthetic concerns in order to capture the interest of the reader. The author of literature seeks the appropriate words to express his ideas with care and beauty while following a certain criterion of style.
This aesthetic will depend on the own author and can be obtained through several ways language and technical literature. Among these means, we will retain the grammatical resources (by adding, deleting or repeating structures), semantics (from the alteration of the meaning of the words, such as metaphor or the metonymy) and telephone (games with the meaning of the words).
For example: "do not drink if you must drive. Take care of your family"is an informational text that conveys a message but without any aesthetic intent. On the other hand, a text of the kind "if ever a glass of seductive nectar crosses on your way, kindly thank the gesture and refuse the invitation. '' Who knows if this substance has not been prepared by the own daemon with the aim of putting at risk the existence of those who are dear to you... "is literary: the message is similar to the previous one except that the language used is quite different.
This example shows that the type of text depends on the communicative intention. It is not logical to adorner a text with many figures of style or phrases very developed if the purpose is just to convey the message in clear and accurate to the largest number of readers possible.
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