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A resource is a means of any kind to obtain what is desired. Hardware, on the other hand, is what belongs or is relative to the material (it is therefore the opposite of that which is spiritual or soul).
That said, material resources are physical and concrete ways which help to achieve a goal. The concept is common in businesses and Governments.
For example: "we have great professionals in the hospital, but lack us material resources", "society has made a pretty significant investment to renovate the hardware resources", if material resources are not sufficient, one must know sharpen its know-how and redouble the efforts.
In the daily operations of a company, there is mention several types of resources. Material resources are tangible assets that offer products or services in question. Among them, there are the raw materials, facilities, machineries and the ground.
Also important to the functioning of a business, we will quote resources techniques (such as patents or systems), financial resources (cash in hand, credits) and human resources (those working within an organization).
The success of a company, regardless of its dimension, depends on the proper management of all these service resources. It is difficult that a business be a success if it has good material resources but whose human resources are inadequate or vice versa.
Generally, the best way to promote material resources, it is investing in order to renovate and update. On the other hand, with regard to human resources, their management is more complex and committed many variables.
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