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The Larousse dictionary online provides several meanings in relation to the word maturity: the condition of fruit (when mature); safety in reflection, prudence, wisdom, experience, or good sense. the age of the person having reached the vital fullness without necessarily having reached old age.
For psychology, arrive at a certain age does not necessarily mean reach emotional maturity. Experts say that person ceases to be, in some aspects, a child, given that we all need the protection of others.
Taking care of oneself is a process that begins during adolescence and that ends with death. It is for this reason that it is difficult to accept in a situation that varies according to the different personalities.
However, maturity is not only a chronological step, because it's a State of mind and that it is a question of attitude. It does not always happen mature fully or under all forms of personality.
Emotional immaturity, for example, has to do with archaic emotional ties that are more difficult to break down and cause a sense of dependency, fear and weakness on the 'me' which prefers to live as one extension of the other.
Social immaturity, moreover, concerns the non acceptance of the own uniqueness (you want to be someone else). This can happen when a young person has difficulty accepting her new body through ice, preventing him to advance to the world of adults and thus grow in healthy way.
Per person mature means any one which presents an internal consistency and is able to think, decide and do so without contradictions and any conviction.
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