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The term meaning, which derives from the latin acceptĭo, refers to the many meanings and uses that a Word may include depending on the context where it fits. The concept was also used as a synonym of acceptance or approval.
Thus, one can say, for example, that the word settlement has several meanings. Firstly, it is the action to settle a debt, that is, to pay. On the other hand, is the set of measures/rules to which members of a society or the participants in a contest are subjected. But this term has also other meanings, especially in the military context and in the area of the law.
Another example is the word battery. It can be either device that stores energy through electrochemical processes (the battery of a car, for example), is the percussion instrument used by the musician in an orchestra, or even the firing of artillery position, among others.
Calculation (account which is done through operations mathematics or abnormal concretion that forms in the bladder, kidneys or liver) and test (the representation of a theatrical or musical before be publicly exhibited work or literary genre that is framed in the field of didactics) are other terms that contain more than one meaning.
Finally, the expression "irrespective of (something)" means without getting thing said account online, and «in the accepted sense of the term» means in the full sense of that term/Word.
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