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Microsoft Office is an office suite developed by Microsoft Corp. (a U.S. company founded in 1975). It is a set of computer programs (referred to as software) for office use, i.e., that allow to automate the activities of an office.
The first version of Microsoft Office was launched in 1989 with two basic suites: one formed by Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, and the other to which have been added Microsoft Access and Schedule Plus software.
Word is one of the most popular programs that are part of Microsoft Office. It is a software for word processing which includes a spell checker, a dictionary of synonyms and that can work with many fonts (print).
Excel, in turn, is a spreadsheet including spreadsheets. Asset is the ability to perform arithmetic calculations automatically, thus making the development of assessments and simpler accounting statements.
PowerPoint is Office software which is used to create and exhibit visual presentations. Its base is the development of multimedia slides which may include texts, images, videos and sound.
The administration of personal information and emails can be managed from Outlook. Its strong point is mail, although it also has a calendar and a directory of contacts.
Microsoft Office is a program that has a licence. That said, it must be purchased by users wishing to benefit from its services. This multinational has competitors, namely (from code free) OpenOffice, StarOffice, WordPerfect Office and Lotus Symphony.
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